Faunal Diversity

Faunal Diversity

More than 50 mammal species are recorded so far in an around the RNP, (Annex 4). Some part of the Park is an ideal habitat for the endangered Musk Deer (Moschus chrysogaster). Himalayan Black Bear (Urusus selenarctos thibetanus), Common Leopard (Panthera pardus), Red Panda (Ailurus fulgens), Himalayan Ghoral (Nemorhaedus goral), Jackel (Cansi aureus), Himalayan Thar (Hemitragus jemalhicus), Yellow-throated Marten (Martes flavigula), Wild Dog (Cuon alpines), Wild Boar (Sus scrofa), Common Langur (Presbytis entellus), Rhesus macaque (Macaca mulatta) and Common otter (Lutra lutra) are other mammals found in and around the park (DNPWC 2010).
The faunal diversity of the park is not yet known in details. Absolute database on the invertebrates, including insects, butterflies and moths is not documented yet due to inadequate of researches on those classes.


So far 272 birds species are recorded in and around the RNP (BCN 2012), including 49 species of water birds; (Annex 6). Rara Lake serves as an important halting station for migratory waterfowls across the Himalayas. Coots (Fulica atra) are plentiful in the lake and several of them even for the whole year. Great-created Grebe (Podiceps nigricollis), Red-crested Pochard (Netta ragina), Goosander (Mergus merganser) and Gulls (Larus sp.) visit the Park during winter. Other common birds in the Park are Snow cock (Teragallus himalayensis) Chukor Partridge (Alectoris chukor), Impeyan Pheasant (Lophophorus impejanus), Kalij Pheasant (Lophura leucomelana) and Blood Pheasant (Ithaginis cruentus) (DNPWC 2010).


There are six species of endemic fishes in Nepal, of which three endemic species of Snow Trout (Schizothorax macropthalus, S. nepalensis and S. raraensis) are recorded in the Rara Lake (Ecological study of fish at Rara, 2017); (Annex 5). Similarly, two species of herpetofauna including an amphibia Paa (Paa rarica) and a reptile Eastern keelback (Amphiesma platyceps) have been reported from RNP (BPP 1995).


Three snow trout species from lake Rara. 1. Schizothorax rarensis, 2. Schizothorax nealensis 3. Schizothoraichthys