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Invitation for Bids
First Date of Publication:2078/09/30 B.S.  (14th January,2022 A.D.)
Rara National Park Office,Hutu, Muguinvites electronic bids from eligible bidders for the following works under National Competitive Bidding.Only eligible bidders should participate in these biddings.


Contract No.

Description of Works

Bid Security Amount

Cost of Bid doc.

Last Date of Bid Submission and Time

Estimated Cost withoutContingenciesand Provisional Sum (Excluding Vat) (NRs)



Construction of Office Building




2078/11/01 B.S with in 12:00 hours.




Eligible Bidders may obtain further information and inspect the bidding documents at the office ofRara National Park,Hutu, Muguor may visit PPMO e-GP system

Rara 18                    Rara 17                    Rara National Park 1                     Bufferzone Gazgeete Area 1                      Bufferzone Area 1

Rara National                     National Park                       National Park                     Bufferzone Gazetted              BUfferzone Area  

Park                                     Gazetted Year                       Area                                     Year

Karnali Province                                2032 B.S                                            106 sq. KM                                            2063 B.S                                                 198 sq. KM

rara national park

  Rara 18                           Rara 17

Rara National                     National Park

Park                                    Gazetted Year

Karnali Province                               2032 B.S

   Rara National Park 1                           Bufferzone Gazgeete Area 1

National Park                    Bufferzone Gazetted

Area                                   Year

106sq.KM                                        2063 B.S

                    Bufferzone Area 1

                 Buffrzone Area

                       198 sq.KM

                rara national park

Badri Binod Dahal

Badri Binod Dahal
Acting Chief Conservation Officer
Rara National Park

About Us

Rara National Park
About Us
Rara National Park (hereafter RNP) is located in the  Karnali Province of North-West Nepal, between 29º 26′ – 29º 34′ North and 82º 00′ – 82º10′ East. The park, smallest national park in Nepal,  was gazetted in 1976. It covers an area of 106 km2. Out of the total area, 10.8 km2 is occupied by Rara Lake, which is considered as the largest lake of Nepal. The Buffer Zone of RNP was declared on September 25, 2006  covering 198 km2  surrounding the park .
Similarly, the park was listed as a Ramsar Site under high altitude wetlands on September 23, 2007.

Padam Bahadur Budha

Mr. Padam Bahadur Budha

Information Officer




Conserve and maintain ecological integrity of RNP landscape with enhancing livelihood of the local people through wise-use of natural resources on a self-sustained basis.


To conserve and retain the biological and cultural values, and scenic beauty of the Park’s landscape for the benefit of the present and future generations primarily as sources of glory and inspiration, recreation, education and enhancing livelihoods of the local people.


The main objective is to enhance biodiversity of the Park, promote ecotourism and regulate it where necessary to maintain delicate balance between conservation and tourism and also support the livelihoods of the local community through effective management of natural and cultural heritage.



   Rara 20

Karnali Province, Hutu, Mugu

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